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Про мигрантов

Эта статья в NYTimes настолько прекрасна во всем, что я даже боюсь представить истинную цель, с которой ее опубликовали.

Во-первых, в статье беженцев нет, есть только мигранты. Что же хотели разочаровавшиеся в Европе мигранты?

When Mr. Jabiry left last summer, he said, “I was thinking, ‘I have no job here, and I never finished school.’ I thought of a better future there — that I would find a better job, that I could continue my studies, earn more money.”

He arrived in Belgium with this in mind: “I was expecting them to give me a house, a good job, so I could have a better life. This is what I was dreaming about.”

Реальность ударила больно

He hated the food (milk and toast for breakfast, he said, and cheese sandwiches for lunch). And obtaining residency and finding a decent job would take months, he said. Finally, he went to the authorities and said, “I want to go to Iraq.”

Теперь я представляю, как чувствуют себя мигранты в Нидерландах, здесь будерброды - это основа рациона нации.

The returnees largely reflect another segment of migration: those who left Baghdad for economic reasons, or merely out of curiosity after seeing so many reports of migrants arriving joyously on the shores of Europe.

Не подфартило

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