can3p (can3p) wrote,

"Секретная инструкция ЦРУ по технике обманных трюков и введению в заблуждение"

Книжный рынок обогатился новым бестселлером родом из ЦРУ, комментарии на озоне доставляют.

"The premise of the book is much more interesting than the execution. The actual "secret book" is a painfully boring manual on how to sneak a pill into someone's drink, or sneak a small object off a table. ZZZzzz."

"Here's the book in a nut shell for me, quote: "A man could push his hat to the back of his head as a signal and it would go unnoticed. If a woman were to do the same thing it would be so fantastic that everyone would look" If a woman adjusting her hat is fantastic to you, then this is your book. If not, then go on to something more realistic and don't waste your time with this. "

"The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception, Fun read, if it's a true CIA manual, then this world is run by clowns. "

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