January 21st, 2008

cat with many words

Глобализация: теперь MySpace

Появилась русская версия портала Myspace - крупнейшей социальной сети в мире, насчитывающей около 100 миллионов пользователей. Русский офис будет открыт чуть позже.

Ссылка: http://ru.myspace.com/
Ссылка на новость: http://citcity.ru/17839/

Теперь вся наша эстрада сделает себе страничку на myspace :)
cat with many words

Флеш моб?

По отношению к этому посту:


Есть картинка:

Что значит? И тут фантастический комментарий )

Hey Luis,

So this is a derivative sticker of a very long art campaign which started in Providence RI back in the early 1990’s. And the initial ‘point’ of the campaign was to confuse the local skater punks by making them think something was happening that they didn’t understand. So your reaction is perfect.

The initial stickers had a line drawing of Andrea the Giant, and read “Andre the Giant has a posse” along with his height and weight. I’m sure you can find it on the net.

They appeared around town and raised enough interest that people started requesting them and posting them. Eventually, the artist even hacked an enormous billboard of the major (recently released from prison) by changing his likeness to Andre above the tagline “he never stopped caring about Providence”. So this sticker campaign exploded—you could find them at toll booths around the country, in most major cities…

The process of course launched a number of spoofs like a similar sticker with a tiny guy and the tagline “Andrew is a giant pussy” and a myriad of others. They are on the backs of road signs near you.

A second generation of the original artist then arose with the line drawing of ‘Andre”in the style of the sticker you posted, above the single word OBEY. Seemed fitting for these times.

So what you are seeing is a derivative of a second generation take of a random artistic campaign designed to confuse (and therefore interest) people in public.