can3p (can3p) wrote,

After you've gone

Услышал очередной гениальный джазовый стандарт. Эту песню можно слушать бесконечно..

И немножко слов:
After you've gone and left me crying,
after you've gone - there's no denying
You'll feel blue - you're gonna be sad
You've missed the dearest pal that (slickest partner) you ever had
There'll come a time - don't you forget it
(Yeah) There'll come a time - when you're gonna regret it
Some day when you get lonely
Your heart will break like mine - (and) you'll want me only.
After you've gone (split) - after you've gone away (flown the coop)
After we paid - our dues together
You should have stayed - through all that nasty weather
Someday while you're feeling badly
You'll need the only one that loves you so madly
But I'll be gone - yes I'll be gone - to stay
Yeah after I've gone - after I've gone away

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